PFA (Parents Friends Association)

We are a community school that thrives due to the practical support of our parents and friends. Our children benefit through the range of activities and resources we are able to access. The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is the social and fundraising committee at St Patrick’s School. All parents are encouraged to participate and new members are always welcome. Monthly meetings are noted in the school’s newsletter and SchoolApp alerts.

Other existing avenues for parent involvement:

  • Parent Interviews and Information Evenings
  • Social Events, Fairs etc
  • School trips, camps and activities
  • Parent help in the classroom
  • Parent participation in the supervision and coaching of sporting and cultural teams/groups



Fundraising is one of the PFA’s core activities. The funds raised through events and specific activities make a huge difference to the resources and experiences the school can provide for our students. In addition, community fundraising events such as the School Fair, offer an opportunity to bring the school family and friends together to support the school.

PFA Contact: Jo McKenzie,
Email: pf*@st********.nz